As a member of a 50 plus strong team with the USDCT (The United States Deep Caving Team), Phil Short spent 45 days underground in a 19, 5, and 21 day series of excursions exploring the J2 cave in southern Mexico. After passing Sump 3 the final push team of Marcin Gala and Phil Short were able to transport gear to Sump 4. After a further 600 meters of diving they were then able to surface to unexplored cave beyond.

Bell Island

Dark Water Exploration were lead dive team members on a joint Explorers Club and Royal Canadian Geographic Society Flag-carrying expedition to the extensive iron mines beneath the tiny island and surrounding sea bed of Bell Island, Newfoundland. The aim of the project was to lay new line, record, and survey the site, with the aim of ultimately opening the mine up to the general public and helping to bring tourism to the area. Extensive tests were also done on the divers by DAN (Divers Alert Network) during this expedition to explore any possible link between increased decompression illness risk and active versus passive heating.

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